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Our powerflushing service

Is your boiler making loud, clanking sounds? Have you noticed that your central heating system takes longer to warm up your house or is not doing so as efficiently as it used to? Then you may very well need a powerflush...
A powerflush, also known as a chemical flush or jet flushing, involves the removal of sludge, rust and limescale that is otherwise stuck in the central heating system by pumping water and other cleansing and immobilising agents throughout the system. The water and agents work together to flush the blockages away and help your boiler and central heating system work as efficiently as it did when it was first installed. 

We offer our powerflushing service to all customers in Colchester, Harwich, Manningtree and all of the surrounding areas. Our prices are extremely competitive and we offer free quotes. Get in touch today on 07967 111201.

Are you due a powerflush?

Check out the signs below to see if you're due a powerflush...

  • Your boiler is making strange noises, screeching, bangs etc.
  • Your radiators are taking their time to heat up or are aren't heating at all
  • There are cold spots on your radiator, despite recently bleeding them
  • A magnet can stick to the copper pipework (indication of rust inside)

If you have noticed any of the signs above or anything else, please get in touch with us so we can see if you're due a powerflush. You can also check out the benefits of powerflushing over on our blog

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