Boiler Service in Manningtree

We offer boiler servicing in Manningtree, Colchester, Harwich and all of the surrounding areas. Please get in touch on 07967 111201 or use the contact details down below to book your annual boiler service with our team.

Boiler service

Think of a boiler service like a service for your car, it's not necessarily legally required (unless you're a landlord), but it's highly recommended so you can avoid the expensive costs of a boiler repair. Our engineers are on hand to make sure you avoid those expensive costs, firing and checking all major components underneath the boiler casing, checking and clearing the boilers flue and cleaning all parts as required. 

There are lots of benefits that come from servicing your boiler..!

Boiler servicing benefits

Energy efficient boiler

By limiting inefficiencies in your boiler and putting fuel to better use, you can reduce your energy bills; drastically so in some cases!

Avoid breakdowns

By identifying problems with the boiler early on, you can avoid expensive breakdown costs.

Quieter boilers

Boilers that are serviced annually are quieter than boilers that aren't. 

Maintain extended warranty's/guarantee's

If you have an extended warranty/guarantee with your boiler, it's likely that you need to ensure that it's annually serviced. Take advantage of all of the above and remain covered for parts and labour too!

Feel free to head over to our blog and read about all of the benefits of getting your boiler serviced. You can read a couple of our other blog posts whilst you're there too.

Why choose Stour Valley Plumbing & Heating?

Our engineers are friendly and professional and we're more than happy to offer advice after we're gone. We're Gas Safe Registered and OFTEC Registered too, meaning we can service both gas boilers and oil boilers. Please ensure you check the credentials of any engineer that comes into your home. If not, your property could be at risk!

Due a boiler service in Colchester, Harwich..? Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch to book a boiler service in Manningtree, Colchester, Harwich or any of the surrounding areas, please fill out our contact form or give us a call on 07967 111201. Happy with our service? Feel free to head over to Checkatrade and leave us a review. We'll send you a voucher for M&S or Tesco of up to £20 too. 

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