LPG boiler installation in Manningtree

Need an LPG boiler installed in your home? We offer our LPG boiler installation service in Manningtree, Colchester, Harwich and all surrounding areas. You can get in touch with our engineer directly on 07967 111201 and we'll discuss your options.

LPG boiler installation 

LPG boilers are designed for homes that are disconnected from the main gas line. They work in a similar way to gas boilers, except the fuel is stored on-site as opposed to coming directly off the grid. Hence, when we install an LPG boiler in your home, we'll also need to install an LPG storage tank and get in contact with local LPG suppliers to ensure you always have enough fuel for your home. 

We offer competitive prices for LPG boiler installs in Colchester, Harwich and free quotes, so feel free to get in touch to see how much an LPG install will cost you to install. 

Benefits of an LPG boiler installed by us in Manningtree, Colchester, Harwich...

Cheaper LPG boilers

LPG boilers are typically much cheaper than oil-fired boilers, the other alternative for homes disconnected from the gas grid.

Unit cost of LPG vs Oil

The unit cost of fuel for oil-fired boilers might be cheaper, but LPG is significantly more efficient, meaning your energy bills will be lower. 

Efficient LPG boilers

Modern LPG boilers achieve 90% efficiency, so for every £1 spent, only 10p of it is 'wasted'. 

Compact LPG boilers

LPG boilers are typically smaller and quieter than oil-fired boilers

LPG boiler service and repair

In addition to installing LPG boilers, we're also able to annually service your LPG boiler and carry out any repairs as required. Similar to gas boilers, it's highly recommended that you get your LPG boiler serviced on an annual basis so to avoid expensive breakdowns. 

Offering LPG boiler installs in Colchester, Harwich...

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