Landlord safety checks in Manningtree

We carry out gas safety checks for landlords across Manningtree, Colchester, Harwich and all surrounding areas. Get in touch on 07967 111201 or use the contact details down below. 

Landlord safety checks

If you are the owner of any letting properties or residential premises', you are legally required to ensure that all gas fittings and gas appliances are checked on an annual basis. Here at Stour Valley Plumbing & Heating we can be on hand to carry out those checks. Examples of residential premises' in Manningtree, Colchester and Harwich might include: Bed and breakfasts, pubs/restaurants, hotels/cottages and caravan sites. 

What's included in a landlord safety check?

We'll take a thorough check of the premises to ensure that your tenants are safe and you're compliant with UK regulations. Some checks include:

-   Check all gas appliances for gas tightness (gas ovens/cookers/hobs, gas fires, gas boilers etc.)

-   Check the pressure level of the gas against the manufacturers handbook

-   Check the boilers flue

-   Check that all safety devices are in operation and functioning correctly

Landlord certificate

Once we've undertaken all necessary checks, we'll either hand you a pass certificate or a fail certificate. If we hand a pass certificate, you must keep a record of the certificate for at least 2 years and make it readily available to all existing tenants within 28 days or upon arrival to new tenants. If we hand you a fail certificate, we'll offer you advice on the next steps. 

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