Benefits Of A New Boiler

To convince you that buying a new boiler isn't all bad, our latest article discusses all of the benefits that come from the installation of a new boiler... We hope it helps soften the blow...


What Are Landlord Safety Checks?

If you’re a landlord in the Manningtree region and need a landlord safety certificate, but are unsure about what they are or why it’s important to have one, this guide is written with you in mind.


Always Hire A Professional Plumber

We know how tempting DIY can be, but we’d urge that you hire a plumber when tackling plumbing work. Why? You can spend time elsewhere, save on expensive plumbing tools and much more...

A Guide to Landlords Safety Certificates

We do around 150 Gas inspections for landlords each year and Many Landlords are often confused what the checks do or do not include. Legally a landlord should have a property checked every 12 months.What is included in the Gas Safety check?A visual inspection is carried out on the Gas appliances, Meters, Boilers, Hobs, Cookers, Heaters, and fires. Included in the visual check are the condition of the appliance, the flues (both inside and out of the property) and the pipework. Ventilation is c...