Benefits Of A New Boiler

Boiler installation can be stressful, we recognise that. You need to find the most appropriate boiler type for your needs, a preferred boiler manufacturer and a heating engineer that can install it. Luckily, we’ve got you covered for the last part and we can offer our professional advice for the first two parts, but to convince you that a new boiler is the right decision, we’ve compiled a blog that details all of the benefits that come from the installation of a new boiler.

Reduced energy bills

Every new boiler that is manufactured and sold in the UK must be rated through the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers Scheme. The scheme rates each boiler from A to G, where A-rated boilers are considered to be the most efficient and G-rated boilers are considered to be the least efficient. If you own an old G-rated boiler and upgrade to a new A-rated boiler, you could benefit from 20% (or above) higher efficiency levels. In short, the higher the efficiency levels, the lower your energy bills.

Reduced downtime

Are you tired of your existing boiler breaking down? And are you tired of waiting for it to be fixed in order to have a warm relaxing shower or turn the radiators on full blast? A new boiler can stop all of this hassle once and for all. Not to forget, although unlikely, should the new boiler ever breakdown over the coming years, you can have full confidence that you won’t be waiting long for it to be fixed as sourcing replacements parts is considerably easier when the boiler is new.

New Guarantee

Most boiler manufacturers offer extended guarantees with their boilers. For instance, as a Baxi approved installer, we can offer an extended guarantee of up to 10-years on particular Baxi boilers that we install. Of course, this is dependent on a yearly service, which has benefits in its own right, as we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, but it means you can be covered for all parts and labour over the coming years.

Reduced size and noise

Newer boilers are much more compact, meaning you can squeeze them into smaller areas and make room for the more important things. They are also quieter than older boilers, particularly if the older boiler is on the verge of a breakdown, where these noises might range from kettle noises to loud bangs and humming noises. Avoid these annoying sounds with a new boiler.

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