Why We Install Baxi Boilers

Choosing a new boiler can be tough. There are lots of questions to be asked. How much does a new boiler cost? How long is the boiler expected to last? And more importantly, which boiler manufacturer should I choose? At Stour Valley Plumbing and Heating we install a variety of boilers, but as a Baxi approved installer we’ve learned a thing or two about their systems.
Below we’ve outlined a number of reasons as to why choosing a Baxi boiler is a great choice...

Baxi boilers are innovative

Baxi have incorporated a number of innovative technologies onto their boilers. For instance:

-  Baxi's extra long twin flue allows customers to be versatile with regards to where they place their boiler – it needn’t be placed near an outside wall. This is great if you’re planning a refurbishment of your home.
-  As Baxi boilers are pressurised systems, they are significantly quieter than most regular boilers, meaning you won’t be kept awake at night by the sound of air collecting in the radiators.
-  Baxi's unvented cylinders allow for significant water pressure, meaning rather than a drizzly slow shower, you can be in and out within minutes. Additionally, as unvented cylinders are much smaller than vented cylinders, they allow for some much needed storage space in the home.

Baxi boilers comes with a 10-year warranty

Baxi offers customers an industry-recognised, no catch 10-year warranty that includes both free parts and labour on selected Baxi boilers after installation. Baxi also allows its customers flexibility in the sense that they needn’t install Baxi filters/controls to benefit from the guarantee. This allows customers to get the most out of their boiler. The guarantee evidences the confidence that Baxi has in its own product, meaning that you can have complete piece of mind for the entire 10-year period after having it installed.
It is important to remember that your boiler has to be serviced at least once a year to ensure that the guarantee remains intact – a worthwhile benefit in itself!

Baxi boilers are good value

Baxi are recognised as a good value reliable mid-range boiler manufacturer. They are very competitively priced compared to other manufacturers. For instance, you can buy the Baxi EcoBlue Advance Combi 33 Gas boiler for £1100 with a 10-year guarantee, or you can buy the closest alternative from Worcester Bosch for £1280 with a 5-year guarantee.
If you couple this with the added running cost benefits of installing a new boiler, it’s a bargain!

Baxi are a household UK boiler manufacturer

Baxi are a well-known household name recognised and manufactured across the UK. This makes sourcing parts incredibly easy, meaning that you won’t be without a boiler for weeks on end. Plus, you’ll be supporting a UK manufacturing company!

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