Broken Boiler? Due A Repair? Find Out...

It's important to be able to spot when the boiler is on the verge of a breakdown so you can avoid an expensive boiler repair. Take a look for some of these signs...

Cold water

Cold water running from the shower isn't necessarily a certain sign that your boiler is broken. Rather, it might just be case of switching the warm water on and waiting for the tank to refill. However, if you've done that and the water is still cold, it might be a sign that there's either a broken airlock or there's a failure in the motorised valve. Either way, a gas engineer would need to come out and fix it. 

On a side note, if you need to continuously wait for the tank to refill, it might be worth considering upgrading your boiler

Low water pressure could mean a boiler repair

Check the water pressure by looking at the pressure gauge on the boiler. If the reading given is below 1, it's highly recommended that you get it realigned. Low water pressure might be a sign that there's a leak in the system or because the pressure-release valve needs to be replaced. 

Strange noises could mean you're due a boiler repair

Boilers that are on the verge of a breakdown will make strange intermittent noises. These noises might range from loud bangs to gurgling noises to kettling noises. The signs are usually a sign of trapped air in the system, which would need to be displaced! 

Cold radiators

Similar to the cold water point mentioned above, if you've turned the heating on and the radiators are still cold, it doesn't necessarily mean that your boiler is broken. Rather, it might just be a case of bleeding them. You can buy a bleed key at most DIY stores and it’s relatively simple to do. However, if you need to continuously get out the bleed key, it might be a sign of a much deeper problem within your boiler/central heating system. 

Boiler keeps on turning off

Obviously, a boiler that keeps on switching itself isn't in the best of shape. It might be a sign that there's a fault with the water pressure or the thermostat. 

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