Boiler Servicing

This week has seen the start of Boiler servicing season . Basically the week when everyone realises they will need their central heating working after the summer season. We have been rushed off our feet with servicing gas boilers in Colchester, Manningtree, Ipswich and Harwich this week so I thought I would write a quick blog explaining Boiler servicing and expelling some Myths around it.

Firstly and most importantly if you switch a central heating system on and it doesn't work then don't call a Gas engineer and ask for a service. A Boiler service will not cure a broken down boiler and the engineer will arrive unprepared.

60% of our Breakdown call outs are problems that could have been prevented by having an annual service, Breakdown call outs can be expensive and obviously you have to add to that the discomfort while you have no heating or hot water in winter.

In the last fortnight we have serviced amongst others 3 relatively new boilers, a Worcester Bosch Boiler, a Baxi Boiler and an Ideal Boiler, all 3 were spotless inside, no problems, everything spot on. Nearing the end of a service we test for Gas Tightness (ensuring no Gas leaks on pipework system) All 3 systems failed this test, 2 had failed the test due to leaking Gas Meters and the other through a union on the Gas supply to boiler. All 3 problems were fixed at no charge (Meter company repaired meters for free) and certificates issued. All 3 home owners were very thankful but admitted they was not going to bother with a service as their boilers were quite new! The boilers were relatively new but the pipework and meters that supplied them were in excess of 30 years old

Gas Boiler Warranty is another important consideration when deciding to have your boiler serviced. Most new gas boilers now come with long warranties, (5,7,10years) to maintain this warranty manufacturers require the boiler to be serviced by a Gas safe registered engineer on an annual basis. If you don't comply then warranty will be voided.

A Boiler service will Generally include the following, but we follow instructions from the boiler manufacturers as they might require a different specification

Visual Checks for any damage, this includes, Boiler, Seals, Flue, and pipework

Condensate trap cleaning

Check and clean Spark Electrodes

Check and clean burner and heat exchanger

Check pressure in expansion vessel

Check fan speed and pressures

Check operating pressure to ensure right amount of gas is being burnt

Check wiring for signs off wear or damage

Empty and clean magnetic filter if one present

Test controls are working

Test for Gas tightness (No leaks on Gas Pipework, Tested at meter)

Issue certificate and fill warranty book in if required

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