Always Hire A Professional Plumber

We know how tempting DIY can be, but we’d urge that you hire a plumber when tackling plumbing work. Why? You can spend time elsewhere, save some much needed pennies on expensive plumbing tools and so much more. Take a read and remember, always hire a professional plumber to do the work instead…

Spend time elsewhere by hiring a plumber 

Undertaking plumbing work can take time. Be honest, you’d much rather spend that time with family, friends or even at work in comparison to spending it fixing a leaky pipe or repairing a blocked drain at home. Save time, hire a professional and concentrate on the more important things in life.

Plumbing experience

Professional plumbers have spent years learning their trade and as such can a) diagnose problems quickly and plan an immediate fix, which might take an inexperienced person a couple of hours but a professional only a couple of minutes and b) a professional can identify other problems that might otherwise be missed, giving you peace of mind that your plumbing system is safe and well-equipped for years to come.
You can’t guarantee this same peace of mind when you do it yourself.

Plumbers have the equipment

Professional plumbers already have access to the latest plumbing tools, meaning you won’t need to pop to the local DIY store to invest in expensive equipment that you’ll most likely never see/use again. Not to forget, plumbers have all of the tools ready for an emergency situation, should such a situation ever arise, which brings us unto our fourth point…

Emergency plumbing services

We’d urge you to build up a rapport with your local plumber so you know what they can and can’t do should in the event of a plumbing emergency in your home. For instance, if you need a leaky pipe fixed in the Manningtree, Colchester, Harwich area, please give us a call and we can be on hand.
Should an inexperienced person attempt to fix a problem on his or her own accord and fail, the cost of water wastage might eclipse the total cost of hiring a professional plumber anyhow. Play it safe and hire a professional plumber instead.

Other heating services

Here at Stour Valley Plumbing we’re more than just a plumbing business. We also undertake heating work, including gas boiler installation, LPG boiler installation, boiler servicing, boiler repair, landlord certificates, central heating installation and much more. This is the case with most plumbers.
Whilst we’re there, why not get some of your other equipment checked and have completed peace of mind that your home is safe.

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