The Benefits Of A Central Heating Power Flush

How can you efficiently warm your home this winter if your central heating system isn’t operating to its optimum standard? The answer? You can’t. However, you can if you have your central heating system power flushed…

What is a power flush?

A power flush involves the removal of sludge, rust or any other debris that might otherwise be clogging your central heating system. This is achieved by firing water at a high velocity throughout the entire system. Possible signs that indicate you are in need of a power flush:

-   Radiators are taking their time to heat or aren’t heating at all

-   The boiler is making loud banging noises

-   Black or brown sludgy water can be found in the heating system and a magnet is able to attach to the copper pipework

The benefits of a central heating power flush

Warm radiators

As stated above, if you have noticed that your radiators are taking their time to hear or aren’t heating at all, it suggests that there is a possible blockage in the system. A power flush can remove this blockage and ensure that your radiators heat up warmer, faster!

Longer central heating lifespan

A power flush can give an old, dying central heating system a much needed health kick and get it back to how it was when it was first installed. This also reduces the potential risk of a costly repair in the future.

Greater heating efficiency, therefore cheaper energy bills

Power flushed central heating systems are significantly more energy efficient and therefore significantly more cost efficient. Why? Rather than increase the room temperature on the thermostat in an attempt to squeeze out heat through the only warm spot on the radiator, you can reduce the temperature on the thermostat and wait for the entire radiator to warm up instead. Your home will be warm in no time, and at a much better price!

Long lasting results

Once your central heating system has benefited from a power flush, it shouldn’t need another one for another ten years. That means you can benefit from a warmer house at a cheaper price for years to come. Not to forget, letting prospective house buyers know that your home has benefited from a recent power flush can be a great unique selling point; although we fear that you might not want to sell your house after it becomes warmer than ever before!

If you are in need of a power flush and are situated in Manningtree or the surrounding areas, please give us a call on 07967 111201 or fill out the contact form on the contact page of our website. We’ll look forward to making your home warmer this winter!